Monday, December 23, 2013

Advent: Day 23

Oh by gosh by golly (is that how it goes?)...this day was a doosy! It started by driving 2 hours round trip to have a child of mine return a .69 cent rubber snake to the nature center and confess that they had taken it. I won't go into the whole story, but the takeaway for me is that it was a good reminder of how terrible sin makes you feel, how not worth it momentary pleasure is for the major consequences that can come with it. How thankful I am for a gracious God who loves us and shows such grace and freely forgives. And hard but so good for the soul. She couldn't stop smiling after returning it. Back to being my free as a bird girl.
Oh, the hard parenting. I know it has yet to even begin. But I tell you what, this little preview sure has made me cling to Jesus.
Then the day ended with me thinking I was hearing Jubilee playing in the sink, and realizing I was actually hearing water heavily leaking through the floor of the bathroom upstairs into the kitchen below (jubilee had stopped the sink up with a rag). " Oh. My. Gosh. " Apparently that's all I know to say in these circumstances. My six year old twins, however, sprung into action! Sam was actually shouting orders. Looking back, it's hysterical. Amelia thought the roof was going to cave in over the kitchen, so she grabbed Ollie and took him upstairs to the furthest corner away from the bathroom and piled blankets all around him (not sure about that one). 
Oh my goodness, life. It's exciting, isn't it? Now I'm finishing getting stockings ready to open in the morning before we leave. I'm realizing I have books and a few activities for the big kids and nada for Jubilee. Oh middle child of mine, mama loves you so much, sometimes I just forget how big you've become and that you are indeed your own little person! Sigh. Down to the storage room I go to look for something to wrap:) Then off to bed. 
Love to you, Jen

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Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see Sam barking orders !! Some hilarious stuff in that post :) PaPa Joel